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The company manufactures and sells bulk quantities of dextran and derivative products to large pharmaceutical companies throughout the world. Pursuant to a definitive supply agreement with Sparhawk in the United States, the company specifically provides ferric hydroxide and hydrogenated dextran through our US subsiduary, Chemdex. For more information on the products we produce, please visit our Dextran Products website.

George Usher, CEO & Director


Mr. Usher has served as Chairman of the Board since January,1998, President & Chief Executive Officer of Polydex Pharmaceuticals Limited since 1993 & 1996, respectively, and VP of Dextran Products Limited since 1987. He has been 

employed by the company since 1982. Mr. Usher holds an Honors Degree from the University of Guelph. Primarily focused on meeting today's growing demand for our core product line, he leads the company with conservative philosophy and disciplined execution.


His father, Thomas C. Usher founded the company on fundamental scientific principles, utilizing very basic materials & 

molecules and created great things. TCU's specific talent was envisioning new & innovative health applications from the company's core product line. Over TCU's stewardship, the company launched several research & development programs into possible treatments for cystic fibrosis along with other lung ailments, contraception, HIV prevention, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals. That legacy remains in what we do today.


Derek Lederer, C.A., Director
Joesph Buchman, Director
Marty Lipper, Director


Mr. Lederer has been the Principal of Derek Lederer, C.A since 1970. He has been an Independent Director of Polydex Pharmaceuticals Ltd., since 1998.  A former Adjunct Professor at York University, Prof. Derek John Michael Lederer is a practicing Chartered Accountant in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.


Mr. Buchman is a United States Financial Services Representative with Metlife Financial Services in New York, where he has served in various capacities since 1979.  A former Vice President of an investment firm in charge of operations and finance, he is well acquainted with the investment community and its regulatory requirements.


Mr. Lipper is VP of Research for Wall Street Communications Group, a Director of TX Holdings Inc. in the United States. He previously served as Sr. VP & Research Director of Baron Group U.S.A., VP & Treasurer of APF Electronics, 

Director of Research for Eastman Dillon Union Securities, Purcell Graham, Brill Securities, and with the Bank of New York as Sr Bank Insurance & Finance Analyst.  Mr. Martin Lipper graduated from New York University in 1958. 



David P.M. Jamestee, CA, CPA, Chief Financial Officer
Sharon Wardlaw, Chief Operating Officer


Mr. Jamestee began serving as the Chief Financial Officer of the Company on November 1, 2018. Mr. Jamestee is a Chartered Professional Accountant and is principal of TVH Accounting Professional Corporation, an accounting firm located in Toronto, Canada.


Ms. Wardlaw is the COO, and also Treasurer & Secretary for Polydex Pharmaceuticals Limited. She served as the company's CFO from 1994 to 2006 and now leads as President of the company's subsiduary Dextran Products Limited. Ms. Wardlaw has been employed by the company since 1984.



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